MKMMA WEEK 17 Concentration

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Concentration: the action or power of focusing one’s attention or mental effort.    Focus: the center of interest or activity And so here it is, in order to have what we want in life we must concentrate, at the same time what we concentrate on matters most. We must focus our center of interest & activity, […]


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I’m BAAACK, long time no post, my apologies to those of you who might care. I decided to write on this concept of wealth. I love the above quote, for it makes my point. Today’s concept of wealth seems to be wrapped around “The River of Dreams” (Billy Joel Song Mark J is found of […]


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Here is one of my favorite subjects WORDS. It has been written that Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue. For me this holds profound meaning, I hold that we can speak Life into ourselves, others, our lives, our relationships or we can kill them. The above video speaks to this idea. […]


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In the Master Key System it states “the least thought entertained by the conscious mind produced within you subconscious mind an action in exact proportion to the depth of feeling characterizing the thought and the intensity with which the thought is indulged” This idea tells me, as we add feeling to a thought we give […]

MKMMA Week 12 Three Things…

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Now here are three things… The above three things are not what we have been studying to learn over the past few weeks. Although it is amazing when I looked for an image of three things I found hundreds of ideas of “The Three Things”. Buddha thought the three things that “Could not long be […]

MKMMA Week 11 Vocabulary…

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Vocabulary has been a running theme in my walk through the MKMMA experience. You see words do matter and most of all they matter inside when they rattle around in our heads. The words I listen to on a daily basis do become the house I live in. What I have been gifted with in […]

MKMMA Week 10 Wake Up…

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OK, Away We Go… Now this post was originally entitled Vocabulary, and I have a future post which will reflect that title, but last night I was informed my blog was down. I then got to my site host and found out I had missed my billing notices and made no payments, thus All Gone. This […]